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This website displays data found in Event Logs on the Ethereum Blockchain. The 30 most active Dapps are shown in a dropdown box, or you can enter any other Dapp Contract Address.

The following features are included:
  • When you select a Dapp, all of its Events are shown in a dropdown box.
  • Sort the Event Log data by any field (in ascending or descending order).
  • Enter Filter Criteria for any two fields, including partial matches.
  • Select a Time Span, from 'One Hour' to 'All Days'.
  • Display the Sum of any field. For example, calculate the total deposits for any ether address.
  • Save the parameter settings to a short URL, so you can easily reload the same settings.
The screen shot below shows a sample of data.

Click here to see data from an Ethereum contract:

The image below is a screenshot, and not a live page. Click [Display Event Logs] above to see the live page.

Click here to Display all Transactions for any Ether Address.
Sort, Filter, or Sum the Transactions by any Field,
and Save the parameter settings to a short URL.